Drawing gouache children under one year

drawing gouache children under one year, Oriel College Lecture Room, Oxford, Nov. Lit: Paul Haesaerts, Picasso of De Lust Tot Extremen, Amsterdam ?

Picasso in English Collections’, Jewish Chronicle, 16 June 1939, p. Commonsense and Contemporary Art’, Studio, vol. Christian Zervos, Exhibition of Paintings by Picasso and Matisse, exh. Alfred Barr, Picasso: Fifty Years of his Art, New York 1946, p.

The head, hat, face, hands and handkerchief are rendered in a complex and angular structure with coloured planes of white, red, green, yellow, blue and mauve, held together with bold black outlines. Weeping Woman’ has been exhibited and reproduced with various titles. Of the subjects Picasso explored around the theme of Guernica the most frequently depicted image is that of a single female head, bearing an expression of anguish and engulfed in tears. The most extensive source of reproductions is Zervos IX 1958, which lists all but three of the drawings and four of the paintings. This collection includes fifteen drawings of the weeping woman and four paintings.

Six drawings in crayon on matchboxes, repr. Marie Laure Bernadac, Picasso Museum: The Masterpieces, 1991, p. For each print Picasso editioned there are various states. The subject of the weeping woman was not wholly confined to this period between May and October.

Musée Picasso, Zervos VI 1958, no. In July 1936, five months after the victory of the Popular Front in the general elections in Spain, a military uprising in Spanish Morocco precipitated the Spanish Civil War. Eluard, Aragon and Breton, were deeply involved in the Republican cause. Paris World Fair commission was decidedly non-committal.