Drawing lessons for kids grade 1

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What digital learning looks like when third-graders use it all day in one suburban district. Third-graders follow and annotate a text on climate as their teacher reads it aloud. Later the children will be asked to post photographs related to the topic. The tablets will remain there, or in hands and laps, until the children put them in their packs to take them home. Putting them away serves no purpose. Pads to all students in grades three through nine.

At Jackson Avenue, which houses the third and fourth grades, all 417 children, including those in special education, have their own tablets, and they spend about 75 percent of their instructional day on the devices, more than many other schools that have embraced digital learning. It can’t consume their every day. The hardest thing was finding the balance. Morgan Mercaldi, third-grade teacher in Mineola, N. Despite a lack of hard data on how digital learning affects student achievement, Mineola, a fairly affluent New York City suburb, is betting heavily on technology to help children meet an array of tough Common Core standards.