Drawing on the foil for children

The children use white glue and aluminum foil drawing on the foil for children create prints with positive and negative lines. Adjust the caps on the glue bottles to get a thin flow of glue. Set out bottles of glue, cardboard, and pencils. The children will experience two different approaches in preparing  printing plates which are used to transfer images to paper.

In this session positive, or raised, lines will be made with white glue. Explain that when printing ink is rolled over the printing plate the protruding glue lines will get ink on them, so when the print is made the lines will be the color of the ink. Demonstrate how to draw on the printing plate with the white glue. Start by making a guideline with pencil, filling the cardboard with a drawing of a single animal or object.

Explain that the thickness of the glue line will make small details disappear, so they will be added in the next session when working with the aluminum foil. Apply the glue by trailing along the lines, gently squeezing the container with the nozzle against the cardboard. After the children practice making glue lines on pieces of scrap paper, have them draw an animal or object on the cardboard with pencil, and then follow the lines with the white glue. Remind them to keep the cardboard flat so the wet glue lines will not run.