Drawing sponge for children in stages

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This article requires a cleanup to meet The Sims Wiki’s quality standards. Reason: Requires copyediting for readability and grammar. Please improve this article if you can. This article is missing information about The Sims 4. You can help The Sims Wiki by adding it. A career reward is an object that is unlocked when a Sim reaches a given level of a chosen career.

Every career in The Sims 2 has its own reward object. In most of them, the reward is unlocked at level 5, but in some, it is unlocked at level 6 or level 4. Some career reward objects are very useful and can be used as careers themselves, such as the chocolate-making machine. All the items that increase a skill do so at a faster rate than any purchasable item. Most career reward items allow a Sim with a higher skill to “Give Lessons” to another Sim, accelerating the learning process even more. Most also allow children to learn skills, either by using the items themselves, or by being given lessons.

All career reward items are free but are limited to one item per Sim per career. However, if a Sim who has claimed a career’s reward leaves that career, then re-enters it, he or she is eligible for a second reward. Float like a moth and sting like a yellow jacket! With the Exerto Punching Bag, athletic Sims can punch away to release tension and keep in shape while building a useful career skill. Visibly pregnant Sims can use this object.

Why should your Sim sit through boring business lunches when they can play golf instead? The Execuputter features imported synthetic imitation grass, along with simulated water and sand traps so that Sims can work on their swing while building charisma points – and hobnobbing with important business contacts. Placement note: The Execuputter should be placed so that the side opposite the ball-return track is open, as that is the side Sims stand on when putting. If that side is not open, Sims will be unable to use the Execuputter. Also, the flat end, where the ball sits when Sims putt, should be placed so there is an open space behind it. Otherwise, Sims may complain about not being able to route to the Execuputter.

The only parts of the Execuputter that should be placed against a wall or fence are the end with the flag, and the side with the ball-return track. Fatten your Sims’ bank account – and their friends and families too – with this finely engineered machine. 7 billion a year chocolate industry! The only difference is that this machine will give money when used. Using this machine raises cuisine enthusiasm. If a Sim with a low Cooking score uses the machine, the mixer will overflow, causing chocolate to spill and form puddles that must be cleaned. The puddles take much longer to clean, since chocolate is sticky.

The Sim will have to restart the entire process in order to continue. Sims with a low Cooking score frequently eat the candy as it passes by on the conveyor belt, instead of packaging it. Criminal Don’t let the inconvenience of the truth interfere with your career ambitions! Its patented Brainwave Twitch Needle detects even the tiniest nervous mental tic. Fool the Lie Finder, and you can fool anyone! 4 best items for gaining creativity.