Drawing with children on the topic of March 8

Please forward this error screen to 172. Two men who allegedly robbed a travel agent have their getaway interrupted when their haul of cash starts falling out of one man’s pants and is blown down drawing with children on the topic of March 8 Manchester street.

Sometimes, when they’re not busy meeting world leaders or wrangling backbenchers, prime ministers are called upon to belt out a classic Aussie tune. Last night, Malcolm Turnbull was suspiciously quiet. Together, Phil Harding and Margie Mickan have 153 years of life experience. The pair both worked at the same hospital in the 1950s and 60s, but their paths never crossed until they both got a call from the ABC. A bookshop that’s open 24-hours-a-day, with payment optional and no staff or security, becomes a booklovers’ sanctuary in inner-city Brisbane. There are several things to think about when considering what to do with your pets when you go on holiday. Adelaide Zoo’s remaining flamingo, believed to be the oldest in captivity and the only one left in Australia, dies after vets made the difficult decision to euthanase the old and sick bird.

Quirky beach creations made by a man affectionately referred to as Rainbow Rick are bringing a community together and, in some cases, restoring people’s faith in humanity. Juli Briskman, who says she was forced to resign for violating her employer’s social media policy, claims her former company breached state employment law. Filled with stubby coolers, fishing lures and messages of support, a humble esky makes a baton relay journey of its own from Darwin to the Gold Coast. During an inaugural parcel delivery, a Russian-made drone crashes into a wall and crumbles to pieces, shocking local residents and regional officials at the scene. It might be the home of the Commonwealth, but Commonwealth Games officials appear confused about where exactly England is. The official program for the opening ceremony lists the country as being located in Africa, along with its capital “Banjul”.

Police use a tracking device to find a stolen rubbish truck in Adelaide’s inner north-east, with a man of no fixed address now facing several charges including drink driving. The 20 new royal trumpets set to herald the royal wedding are being built in a rural shed. The trumpets will make their debut at the wedding of Meghan Markel to Prince Harry. Sawdust might not be to everyone’s taste but, while the rest of us are savouring the prospect of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, the animals at Adelaide Zoo are enjoying rather different Easter treats. A World War II veteran has celebrated his 100th birthday by jumping out of a plane near Bathurst in central-west NSW.

Egyptologist Dr Connie Lord and curator Dr Jamie Fraser uncover the feet of a 2,500-year-old-mummy. Mad” Mike Hughes, the “rocket man” who believes the Earth is flat, proved a lot of people wrong when he propelled himself almost 600 metres into the air last weekend and lived to tell the tale. Nola Collins has battled liver cancer for the past seven years, but it hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of the world’s best tennis players in her age division. A US teenager’s attempt to secure her driver’s licence ends quickly as she crashes through the testing station before even leaving the carpark.

An electrical failure creates a nightmarish spectacle at a US theme park, with a giant animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex becoming engulfed by fire. A tiny mummified skeleton with a cone-shaped head found in Chile, believed by some to be the remains of an alien, is actually the remains of a female human baby with a handful of rare genetic mutations, a study finds. Residents in north-east Victoria battle an outbreak of a grass known as hairy panic, with tumbleweeds as high as the roof of a home, and visibility on local roads affected by tumbleweed storms. A lack of identity and personality is a spy’s protection from foreign operatives, but a dig through a faceless Twitter account reveals some interesting insights into Australia’s top dog in the shadowy world of intelligence.

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