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You can pay later with the argos card. Representative 29 point 9 percent APR variable. Add Early Learning Centre Sand and Water Table. Add ELC Wooden Pots and Pans. We provide services to support bonding, learning, and growing together.

Early childhood experiences last a lifetime and parents have the challenging and rewarding responsibility of nurturing and caring for their child. Brilliant Beginnings understands the importance of your child’s first few years being the foundation on which later experiences are built. Research demonstrates the importance of parent-child interaction on children’s cognitive, emotional and social development. In order to support this vital component of development we provide parented classes, parenting support and education, and public education and research specific to children under 4 years of age. This email address is being protected from spambots. WE ARE EXCITED TO BE OFFERING CLASSES IN BRIAR HILL AND MARDA LOOP IN APRIL!

Please look under services button for description of class differences from those offered at our main locations. Please contact us for a FREE trial class! Come for an informative workshop on dealing with toddler behaviour such as hitting, tantrums and saying “no” to everything! This workshop is targetted to children from 1-4 years of age. We will give you a variety of tricks to help even the most challenging situation!

Full-Time Registered Early Childhood Educators for various ages. Academy Remember when life was all a big adventure? When you were a child, you explored the world with wonder, tried new things and genuinely had fun when you learned something for the first time. At Childventures Early Learning Academy, we nurture that sense of adventure. Our environment makes early childhood education interesting and interactive, encouraging a sense of exploration and a positive attitude towards learning that will last for life. Childventures early childhood education programs foster healthy development and encourage a love of learning. We use a blended curriculum that takes the best of three world-renowned teaching methods and combines them into one enriched program.

At Childventures Early Learning Academy we partner with families in the development of children to their fullest potential. Our children are offered the highest quality childcare services and instill in young minds the importance of moral values, character formation and respect for others. We provide a healthy and safe environment that meets children’s emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs. Baby Signs helps children improve their reading, writing and math skill and stimulates their overall development. Also, fostering a love for humanity and an interest in the world around. It would be a privilege to be part of your child’s learning adventure.