Education for preschool children

Child Care services may be available to children ages two months to twelve years. Early childhood care services include an educational component which promotes school readiness. Head Start is available to economically disadvantaged children ages education for preschool children through 5 years.

It is also available to children in foster care and those from families receiving TANF or SSI, regardless of income. Children with disabilities may also participate. To contact the CPSE, call the Committee on Special Education office and ask for the CPSE Administrator for your district. Referrals for evaluation must be made in writing. CPSE or Children’s Services may request a referral. CPSE will make the referral itself. In either case, informed consent will be required.

Consent for services is needed by the birth parent, unless rights have been terminated, or whereabouts are unknown. Need: Paper, yarn, straws Directions: Precut circular and rectangular shapes from construction paper. They may add yarn or string for the fire hose and use straws to make a ladder. Press clear plastic wrap onto the paper and squeegee the paint around.

Pull plastic off of the paper using a strong vertical pulling action. This will cause the paint to look like fire. Directions:¬† Let children lay a piece of manila paper in the box lid. Spoon out one to three small blobs of pint on the paper and place one or more marbles in the lid. By tilting the lid slightly the marbles will roll around through the paint and make “flame” designs. Add more spoonfuls of paint if desired to increase the color blending. Directions: I give red long rectangles¬† and circles for wheels.