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For women wanting to learn new or advanced outdoor skills and engagement with the outdoors, workshops and weekend events. Providing opportunities to connect kids with wildlife and the outdoors. We have education facilities offering a wide variety of educational experiences. Sign up for certification courses in our Hunter Education program. From basic skills, to more advanced fly fishing, and ice fishing courses. Sign up for an OHRV Safety Education Course.

Find places to connect with wildlife throughout NH. Watershed Education for schools, information on aquatic species of fish and wildlife, angler education. High quality professional development for teachers, teacher resources, and classroom presentations. New Hampshire Fish and Game’s Conservation Education programs engage with residents and visitors through diverse education experiences in order to develop individuals who are knowledgeable about fish and wildlife, make decisions that benefit fish and wildlife, and spend time outdoors engaging with fish and wildlife with proper skills, safety and ethics. Funding Watershed Education programs are funded in part by the Federal Sport Fish Restoration Program, supported by your purchases of angling equipment and supplies and motorboat fuels.