English alphabet m

Not everyone will need to do this lesson, but if english alphabet m English Alphabet is completely new to you, you might need to practise actually writing the letters. Learn The English alphabet There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. On its right side, draw two half-bubbles, going down the line. C Capital C: Draw a half-moon, with an opening on the right.

One goes on top, one in the middle, one on bottom. G Capital G: Draw a C. Then, draw a horizontal line -, beginning at the base of the bottom tip, half-way through the C. Then, draw a horizontal line in the middle, connecting them -.

J Capital J: Draw an I with a hook on it. Then, draw two lines, starting from the right hand side, each from the middle. One angles up, the other down. Then, draw a shorter, horizontal line: _ on the bottom right. 2 bubble on the right side upper tip, and touching the middle of the vertical line: P. Q Capital Q: Draw a full circle: O.

Then, on the near-bottom right, draw a vertical line angling right, partly in the O, and partly out of it. 2 bubble touches the vertical line, draw a small line angled to the right. S Capital S: In one stroke, draw a wavy line going left, then right, then left. Then, draw a shorter, horizontal line: _ on top. U Capital U: Draw a circle, but, leave part of the top open. Match the upper and lower case letters.

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