English consonants for kids

Typical Spelling Patterns for Consonant Sounds Consonants are easier than vowels in terms of spelling. A consonant sound is often represented by the same consonant letter in writing: bed , pin , kind , take , mark , false , first, joke, government, english consonants for kids, distribute, tremble, inventive, horrible, wonderful.

But there are several consonant sounds that are represented by different consonant letters or letter combinations in writing, for example, , , , , , . There are also consonant letters and letter combinations that have several variants of pronunciation, for example, c, ch, g, gh, x, xh. This often presents some difficulty for language learners. Spelling notes on difficult consonants are given below. SOUND : letters s, c, sc, ps.

SOUND : letters s, z The letter S represents two common English sounds and . Exceptions: dessert , possess , scissors . See Double Consonants in the section Writing. The letter C represents the sound in the position before E, I, Y: center, ceremony, circus, civil, cylinder, cyber.

Students often have a problem choosing between C and S in this case, because C and S occur in the same positions before the vowels E, I, Y and have the same pronunciation. The combination SC is pronounced before E, I, Y: scent, science, fascinate, scythe. In several words, the sound is represented in writing by the combination PS, where P is a silent letter: psalm, pseudonym, psychology. The sound is usually represented by the consonant S: rose, cause, always, his, wise, was, present, poison, reason, clumsy, organism, realism, advertise, advise, comprise, raise. But the letter S is never pronounced at the beginning of the word, so expect the letter Z there: zone, zero, zip.