English for 11 year olds

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Seeing Red Students will learn about colours, the different frequencies of light and how different coloured light is absorbed or transmitted by coloured filters. Persuasive Writing — Invasive Species Students will learn about the applications and techniques of persuasive writing before writing their own persuasive article for a school newsletter on the topic of invasive species. Climate Change Students will learn about the causes and consequences of climate change, and the ways in which climate change can impact plants and animals. Engineering in Nature The Engineering in Nature Challenge inspires students to explore engineering principles while developing a greater connection to nature. Ranging from simple machines to aerodynamics, students will complete design challenges transforming them from a builder, to an engineer and finally, an inventor all with the one-on-one support of exceptional real world scientists. Adaptations to Arid Habitats Students will learn about how different animals and plants are adapted to surviving in arid habitats. Students will develop practical planning and investigative skills and will practice critically analysing and evaluating evidence from their observations and experiments.