English for children book Valentine.

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Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Hobby Manipulating well-known individuals into joining his philosophy. Wreaking havoc and death and destruction via his invention. Kill Eggsy Unwin and destroy the Kingsman agency. When you get a virus, you get a fever.

That’s the human body raising its core temperature to kill the virus. Planet Earth works the same way: Global warming is the fever, mankind is the virus. A cull is our only hope. If we don’t reduce our population ourselves, there’s only one of two ways this can go: The host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host. Well, this ain’t that kind of movie. Mankind is a virus and I am the cure. Richmond Valentine is the main antagonist of the 2015 action-spy-comedy film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

He is a notorious criminal mastermind and a global entrepreneur, as the CEO of the Valentine Corporation. He plans to bring in a new world order by wiping out the majority of the human race using SIM cards to enhance their violent nature. He is portrayed by Samuel L. Valentine is an extremely wealthy technology tycoon and a computer genius who wants to change the world by giving away SIM cards around the world which he claims will provide unlimited calls and internet on his network. Unknown to people, he will later change the majority of the people in the world into extremely violent, barbaric, vicious animals that can actually to destroy everything in their way and possibly even kill themselves. Valentine’s plan in the movie is revealed: Valentine conducts a test in a hate group’s church, his hidden place broadcasting a signal to phones containing his SIM card which causes humans to become uncontrollably violent. Harry Hart, Eggsy’ mentor and guide at the Kingsman, is sent to investigate and follow after Valentine’s plan.

After a lengthy massacre in the hate group’s church, in which only Harry survives, he is confronted and appeared to be killed by Valentine while Eggsy watches via video link. Earth from further environmental damage by man. Roxy destroying Valentine’s satellite while Eggsy stops Valentine himself. During the raid on Valentine’s base the implanted devices are triggered, causing them to explode and kill off all of the VIPs who were part of Valentine‚Äôs plan. As a self-made millionaire, Valentine is outwardly influential and personable.