English language for preschool

Explore the challenges of teaching English english language for preschool learners to read, and the different ways schools are working to create bilingual readers. Explore how children learn the relationship between sounds, letters, and words. Meet real-life children who struggle with reading but don’t give up! A lively show geared for kids.

What Does Research Tell Us About Teaching Reading to English Language Learners? Why is RTI an important strategy for addressing disproportionality of racial and language minorities in special education? How can I make my bilingual children strong readers? I teach English as a foreign language. What is the best way to teach kids how to read English?

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Please forward this error screen to shared49. This webcast is made possible by AFT Teachers, a division of the American Federation of Teachers, as part of a ColorĂ­n Colorado partnership between AFT and Reading Rockets. Rebecca Palacios and offers information on the following components of a PreK ELL program: language instruction, curriculum, professional development, and family outreach. Rebecca Palacios is an educator who taught preschool for more than thirty years in Corpus Christi, Texas. Palacios is also a teacher mentor, a founding member and former vice chair of the National Board For Professional Teaching Standards, and a member of the American Federation of Teacher’s ELL Educator Cadre.

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