English lesson plan for kids

English lesson plan for kids free unit should give you an idea how we teach at kiz school. We you will see how we’ve provided everything you need to teach this unit on Farm Animals. Watch this video and learn names of animals and sentence patterns. Let students play these interactive games and exercises after watching the video.

Use these PPTs to present and practice new vocabulary and sentence patterns. The farm animals video is a typical level 2 video. The prepositions video is from level 3 and shopping video is a level 6 video. The lessons become more difficult the higher the level. They are designed so that anyone can use them in teaching new language effectively. They are fantastic presenters of new language and can be used with minimal guidance. By doing this we increase the chance of making our games appealing to all learners.

Our PPT Lessons are carefully designed to present and practice the new language of the units. They are also excellent teaching materials for large classes with projectors and interactive whiteboards. The worksheets on our site took hours to plan and several days and months to create. They are designed to reinforce whatever language was presented. They are meant to be fun and not just another boring gap fill exercise.

Here is the thing with our flashcards. These flashcards come in two varieties – big size and small size. Because we know that different activities require different sets of tools . The small cards for example could be good for small size classes and excellent for games like slap and say. In our lesson plans we have suggestions on how to use these cards for teaching. Start Effortlessly Teaching English to Kids!

Revision Games for All Levels – Fun and effective! Interactive Placement Test to judge level of learners. Classroom Interactive Games – Your kids deserve the best! How long you want access for.