English song in Russian for children

This is one day from english song in Russian for children random Russian village. The school, the household routine and the fun of some random Russian countrymen. The father is probably lying dead drunk under the house. The father is probably lying dead, becaus of hard work.

That under the house place isn’t appropriate for father’s sleep. Obama’s manly arms as you whisper these words in his ear . In my America, it is horrible girls in a beautiful village. Sorry Аграфена, but it is true, you are a horrible person. They are happy and thats the point !

Exactly, in the West, we’d think it’s almost third world because of the lack of modern amenities but that’s not the point. The point is, these people are perfectly happy. 100s of years, and we’re still there. I agree, my mother grew up on a farm very with very similiar amenaties to this village, and that was the 40’s and 50’s in the U. They shared a single telephone line with a dozen other farmers and that was about it for there electricity. They all grew up happy and they all seem to live about 100 years. I am willing to bet that child will have a better character than most city people will.

I’ve met these people, self sufficient, uncomplaining, kind and upstanding individuals. There is something to be said for this kind of life. I can’t believe the condition of the homes. If the homes in my area were in that condition they would be condemned. I live in one of those homes, so watch youreselves. They arent as bad as it looks, its far better when you feel at home. It doesnt matter about the money, it matters about youre grades.