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This article needs additional citations for verification. It quickly gained the reputation eurokids website being a source of employment in 1740 when a local jahagirdar, Naro Shankar Raje Bahadur, started building a fort in the area. After the British capture of the Malegaon fort in 1818, Muslims from Hyderabad migrated to the region. The 1857 revolt saw many Muslims from the north move here, and the pattern repeated over the years.

Malegaon, with its growing Muslim presence, became something of a shelter and a source of employment for the community whenever it faced reversals. It is at around 280 km northeast of state capital Mumbai. It has good connectivity with nearby cities like Nashik, Manmad, Mumbai, and Dhule. Malegaon is major hub for cloth weaving using early 20th century power looms. The era of power looms in Malegaon emerged after 1935. Malegaon was a traditional handloom-weaving centre in Maharashtra.

Most of the preparatory work before weaving like starching the yarn, transferring it over the tubes, preparing tanabana was done by the women. Even after power looms were introduced, women continued to help the men in the weaving procedure. With the introduction of power looms, the cloth industry in Malegaon flourished due to increased productivity. Many people bought power looms and very few were left with handlooms. It attracts workers from around India, majority of migrants from U.

Khandesh and Deccan, due to lower cost of living and Muslim dominance. In recent times, the power loom industry is going through difficult phase due to factors like fluctuating government policies, frequent electricity outage, lack of political will, middleman at every stage, and reluctance to migrate to advanced machines. Though it is still a major source of employment, most of workers struggle to make a living. Malegaon of late has been diversifying and new industries are rapidly expanding. PVC pipe manufacturing is one such industry.

Malegaon is soon becoming a regional centre for PVC pipes. As of 2011 India census, Malegaon city had a population of 576,425. Malegaon is a Muslim majority city with approximately 78. Hinduism is the second most popular religion with approximately 18.