Examples of palindromes in the Russian language for children

French-speaking writers and mathematicians who seek to create works using constrained writing techniques. Constraints are used as a means of triggering ideas and inspiration, most notably Perec’s “story-making machine”, which he used in the construction of Life A User’s Manual. Pataphysique and titled Séminaire examples of palindromes in the Russian language for children littérature expérimentale.

At their second meeting, the group changed its name to Ouvroir de littérature potentielle, or Oulipo, at Albert-Marie Schmidt’s suggestion. As a subcommittee, they reported their work to the full Collège de ‘Pataphysique in 1961. Oulipo in 1964, and Belgian radio broadcast one Oulipo meeting. Its members were individually active during these years and published works which were created within their constraints. In 2012 Harvard University Press published a history of the movement, Many Subtle Channels: In Praise of Potential Literature, by Oulipo member Daniel Levin Becker.

Perec’s novel La disparition, translated into English by Gilbert Adair and published under the title “A Void,” is a 300-page novel written without the letter “e,” an example of a lipogram. The English translation, A Void, is also a lipogram. 7  Replace every noun in a text with the seventh noun after it in a dictionary. Some years ago” becomes “Call me islander. Results will vary depending upon the dictionary used. This technique can also be performed on other lexical classes, such as verbs.