Explanatory dictionaries of Russian language for children

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Some other masterpieces of Russian medieval wooden architecture were found abandoned. Thanks to the photographer for posting, I would love to see more of these wooden masterpieces. 1972 and saved it from destruction like the other one, since the village became abandoned. The one which is ruined I am restoring with a help of a few friends. The story of the houses is quite interesting. Both of these peasants quit St Pete to retire in their home villages and built these estates there.

The houses stand 18km apart from each other in now abandoned villages. The other one as I mentioned is private summer house of the artist from Moscow. Russian, but google translate is becoming better everyday, isn’t it? Thank you for these incredible pictures. The standard of carpentry is exemplary. Well, to get serious, it is tawdry to my Northern eyes. The small country at the right topmost corner of the map — Russia.

Worry not for, indeed, I should not have expected you to understand the difference between notions of geography and culture. So, just in order to set you on the right track: culture-wise, Russia is from the East. Try mulling, pondering over that for a little space of time, and then go to the library, find some books . Dear friend, I said northern, did I not? I like the way you answer — two replies followed each other in few seconds, keep thinking! But it is also Karelia’s part.