Factors of child development education

The process of human growth and factors of child development education is described by various set of principles. These principles explain typical development as a predictable and orderly process.

Therefore we can easily foretell how most children will develop even though there are differences in children’s qualities, behavior, activity levels, and timing of developmental milestones. Heredity: Heredity and genes certainly play an important role in the transmission of physical and social characteristics from parents to off-springs. Different characteristics of growth and development like intelligence, aptitudes, body structure, height, weight, color of hair and eyes are highly influenced by heredity. Sex: Sex is a very important factor which influences human growth and development. There is lot of difference in growth and development between girls and boys.

Physical growth of girls in teens is faster than boys. Overall the body structure and growth of girls are different from boys. Socioeconomic: Socioeconomic factors definitely have some affect. It has been seen that the children from different socioeconomic levels vary in average body size at all ages.