Family lives helpline

Please forward this error screen to 72. We provide Helpline and Instant Messaging Services, and Peer Support Groups. Connecting We Connect local services in the family lives helpline for LGBT people.

ONLINE Instant Support Messaging Service Our instant messaging support service is free, confidential and secure. Available during LGBT Helpline opening hours. IN PERSON LGBT Helpline Peer Support Groups Our peer support groups provide safe spaces for people who are going through a similar experience to support each other. Volunteering Being listened to without judgement can transform a person’s life. Be part of our nationwide volunteer team and make a difference. Chat to us 7 days a week.

You made a typo in the request, e. Please contact your webmaster if you are not sure what goes wrong. For many senior citizens the problems of life begin at home. The biggest challenge with elder abuse is that it is usually hidden. A sense of fear that they may be abused more if they speak up leads to elder abuse being hidden. Hence empowering senior citizens is the most effective tool in the response to elder abuse.

We deal with 2400 cases a year in Mumbai alone, and our chapters deal with approximately 1400 cases a year. Distress calls from elders seeking assistance are handled by a qualified social worker. Everyday the Helplines across 5 cities receives 25-30 calls of elders who are being abused, harassed, neglected, or denied their rights or looking out for trusted information. Volunteers trained in basic counselling are sent to the senior citizen’s residence on a fact-finding mission. Thereafter, appropriate assistance is provided to the aggrieved caller. At times specific assistance are required for an effective and speedy redressal of grievances.