Ferber method for baby

I highly recommend Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, by Marc Weissbluth. It emphasizes the importance of having your child on a schedule around 4 months. Personally, I think a flexible sleep routine is beneficial before this time, ferber method for baby that’s just my opinion.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child does suggests allowing your child to cry as long as necessary at night which I know some people will have a hard time with. Once again, I highly recommend this book. It can be a bit boring, I admit, but it is full of great information. What is the reasoning behind waiting till 4 months to get baby on a routine?

Sorry this response is so muddled! I am unclear on this from his perspective. I just got to your email on this and responded there. You should be fine at 5 months as long as your are ok with this. I have just found your blog, thank you for all of the information, its really helpful. I have a 9 week old who is sleeping well at night, after we finally get her to sleep, but we are still having issues with her day sleeps. She takes forever to get to sleep at times, and although we keep an eye on ‘tired signs’ and often act before she’s too far gone, she spends so long fighting sleep that over tiredness is inevitable.

We loosely follow the 4 S routine at night, and if I’m honest, i think the nights are easier because my husband puts her down! But we both struggle during the day. She is exclusively breastfed, a large baby, growing well. Many thanks in advance for your help. I’d do the 4 s routine for naps too if your aren’t yet.

Also take a glance at the wake time post to see if your near the averages. Try not to rush in too quickly and give her a moment to settle. When she starts to get very overtired I’d consider helping her a bit more to fall asleep so she doesn’t get too overtired. Time and practice makes a bit difference. Hi there – My daughter turned 2 in July, and since we used Weissbluth she has been sleeping like a champ since 6 months – asks to go to bed, wakes up singing, great napper.