First swimming lessons for children video

Let Buckler Aquatics be the swim school that helps you build a life-long relationship with swimming. As a private swimming school first swimming lessons for children video Toronto, Buckler Aquatics has been teaching babies, children and adults how to swim properly for almost 50 years. Whether you’d like swimming lessons for yourself or for your child, contact us to learn more about our swim programs today.

Buckler Aquatics offers swimming programs for all ages. At Buckler Aquatics, we maintain our pools’ temperature at 90 degrees for optimum comfort, which is ideal for anyone who experiences anxiety, fear of water or who has special needs. The benefits of knowing how to swim are endless and the best part is that you’re never too old to learn! Call Buckler Aquatics for information about our swim programs, schedules and pricing today.

25 off your first series of swimming lessons registration! Call one of our coordinators today. All of our instructors are certified through the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society of Canada. Test the water and learn with us. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-2322924264. A cat paralysed after being hit by a car is learning to walk again – by taking swimming lessons. Mog the grey tabby lost the use of his front two legs but is slowly learning to use them again in a hydrotherapy pool normally used by more enthusiastic dogs.

He strikes an amusing figure in the pool as he meows loudly and makes gurgling sounds as he paddles around. Mog can now bear his own weight on his front two legs after ten lessons in the pool. Owner Veronica Ashworth said Mog initially looked ‘horrified’ when she was brought to the hydrotherapy centre in St Issey, Cornwall. She said: ‘I know it’s quite unusual for cats to swim but he’s such a character. Most cats do anything to avoid water, but he seems to really like swimming in the pool. Now he can do circuits of the pool, he makes a lot of noise about it but he does it. He does a sort of funny doggy paddle, it’s hilarious to watch.

I think he realises it is doing him good. He has always liked water, and used to hang round the bath and wash basin. He’s such an extrovert that when there were some students in watching him swim he was really showing off. The therapy is working and there’s definitely improvement. Mog sustained horrific injuries and spent six weeks on a drip after a car smashed into him in a hit-and-run incident in February. The one-year-old did not break any bones in the smash – but suffered nerve damage which left his two front legs completely paralysed. Mrs Ashworth, 62, was told her pet would never walk again and watched as he slowly learned to move by pushing himself along with his back legs.