First time parent magazine

47 0 0 0 13 6. I’ve lived in Russia, on and off, for four years, and I’ve noticed my neighbors take a different approach to parenting than I first time parent magazine. Every time my family walks out the door, we’re being evaluated, and we frequently fail to meet Russian standards.

Get the week’s most essential parenting news, without any of the boring obvious stuff, in the Time for Parents newsletter. There’s No Such Thing as Overdressed: Woe unto the American parent who lets her small child go out in shorts and a t-shirt on a breezy mid-60s day. You will get scolded by a babushka or two as you make your way around town. The way I figure it, if my kid is cold, she’ll put on a sweater. Not according to Russians, who bundle their children up against the cold before the rest of us have even registered the change in seasons.

My Russian friends all insist that if you don’t dress warmly, you’ll catch a cold. So their children wear snowcaps to school while mine are still in their summer shorts. Don’t Freeze Your Eggs, Freeze Your Babies: Russians have an unusual relationship with the cold. Here in Moscow, don’t ask for a cold drink on a cold day. And don’t ever sit on a cold stone step. These things are just plain dangerous, and you shouldn’t need to ask why.