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Flashcards for kids early development Doman to buy 1: How my little boy learned to read as a toddler. Does early reading really have long-term advantages? When should we start teaching our children to read, and how?

Introduction: why this essay Can we teach our babies to read? I also have remarks for researchers throughout. First, I will explain how I taught my own little one, beginning at age 22 months, and introduce some of our methods. The suggestion does sound admittedly bizarre at first. As evidence of this progress I submit this video. As I first publish this, in December 2010, he is 4. Based on these videos he created YBCR, which again appear to have helped very many tiny tykes to learn to read.

Whether they actually have done so is something I will discuss below in detail. But why write a long essay on this topic? The first is that the phenomenon needs to be discussed in a way understandable to the public. I gather that there is a lively and growing interest in the whole notion of teaching very young children to read. But there is not very much objective information out there about the topic. What is largely lacking, on both sides, is hard-nosed science or even very careful analysis. I will try to remedy these deficits by offering a very detailed case study and some in-depth discussion.

I decided post this essay for free online. Internet: people just like to share their knowledge, especially when they perceive a need. The second reason is to intrigue psychologists, reading specialists, and other relevant experts with my own case study and with facts and arguments that they may have not considered. I would be delighted if this paper inspired some serious research into the issues raised here. I am, as of this writing, in the design stages of a large set of free multimedia reading tutors for very young children. A little about me and my background.

But at mealtimes, bedtime, and occasionally at other times, I teach him stuff. Wikipedia and went on to get Citizendium. I am offering it only as a data point for you to consider. I actually used a combination of methods to teach my boy to read. I read huge amounts to him, which he liked.

After I started teaching him to read, I made a point of always running my finger under the text as I read to him. I think I understand the basics of the phenomenon well enough to write this essay. By the way, I should note that it is perfectly consistent with much of expert opinion to foster the literacy of children from a very early age. I am agreeing with the experts when I recommend reading a lot to babies, using and explaining about many words, and in other ways fostering a language-rich environment. It is not even unheard-of to try to foster early reading, as J.

I want to assure you that I do not believe I have all the answers. This is not meant to be a complete method, much less a general position statement about all topics in early learning. It is an essay, which means a try, one that will be very much open to revision as I learn more myself. Acknowledgments I sought feedback from people with a wide variety of views and training, including mothers with early readers, school teachers, educational product designers, and experts in psychology and other fields. None are responsible for my errors. Thanks for helpful correspondence, or for commenting substantially on drafts: Charles Boone, Julia Brown, Trevor Cairney, Mary Alice Deveny, Alenka Elly Drel, Al Drumm, Richard Gentry, Jane M. Healy, Nikki Hockaday, Teresa Hopson, Gerelee Howard, Timothy D.