Foot for kids

Please forward this error screen to 209. Foot for kids pencil, a scissors, and construction paper are all you need to have fun with this movement activity for The Foot Book by Dr. Sometimes the simplest activities are best. The one we did today to go along with The Foot Book by Dr.

Suess was a big hit with both my one year old and three year old. We started by tracing our feet onto construction paper. They wanted Mom to have a turn too. Pay no attention to the huge, unpedicured feet. Look at those sweet little heads instead. Then we cut out our footprints. Next, we stuck them on the floor with a little piece of tape in a random pattern.

There were only about 40 fights about where to put them. We jumped across the room only touching the footprints and not the floor. Lainey just ran back and forth totally disregarding the footprints, but she had a big smile on her face while she was doing it. I’ll have to try this with my little misters.

What a great activity for The Foot Book. Looks like they had a ball. I am new follower from the Playtime Link Party on Quirky Mama. Just gotta say, “That is an AWESOME picture of him jumping from foot to foot! Seriously, AWESOME photo of THE JUMP! Thanks for linking up to my Hop-on-Seuss! I know my boys would think this was so fun!

I’m getting too many good ideas to try today! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! Materials needed for this cute footprint ghost are black construction paper, black marker or paint, white tempra or poster paint, large ice cream container lid or sponge paintbrush, and a foot! If you fold the construction paper in half prior to printing, you can make some really cute halloween cards this way — use gold or silver gel pens to write Happy Halloween on the front and a message inside!