Foot locker in florida

Obstacle: Shriveled Richard Foot locker in florida 60,000 pounds of ice, Shriveled Richard is no joke. The bone chilling experience will take your breath away as soon as you dive in. It’s no time to be timid. Obstacle: Davy Jones Locker Want an adrenaline rush?

Davy Jones’ Locker has you covered. This 15 foot high dive into a 15 foot deep pool will have you so amped that you’ll turn around and do it again. Face your fears and take the plunge. Obstacle: Colossus Slide Once you’ve scaled the front side of Colossus, there’s only one way down. The Colossus Slide is a near vertical drop at the top of the 24 foot tall structure.

Feel gravity take over as you hit lightning speed while being flung into the water below. Obstacle: Twirly Bird Twirly Bird is the word. Swing from your standard ring grips to a mop-like cluster of rope strands without touching the ground. If you’re not careful, you’ll be twirling like a ballerina with nowhere to go.

Obstacle: Wheel World The spinning action of each wheel as you attempt this obstacle will test your grip strength and body control. Try to find an even rhythm or else you will end up at the bottom of the pool below. Obstacle: On The Fence If you ever had to jump a fence to escape that neighbor’s Rottweiler that always seemed to get loose, then your instincts will get you across this obstacle in no time. Obstacle: SQUEEZE PLAY What could make crawling through the mud even better?

Well, forcing you further into it, of course. That’s exactly what Squeeze Play does as you push your way through several lanes of giant swiveling barrels. With every setup not quite like the one before, there is no telling what exactly to expect. One thing is for certain, however. You’ll have to give it your all to muscle through this Savage Rig. Obstacle: POLE CAT NEW for 2016!

This is the ultimate test of core strength as you shimmy your way across parallel bars of different heights. Lose your grip or slip a foot and you’ll pay the price with a solid belly flop into the muddy pool below. Obstacle: BIG CHEESE One glimpse at this obstacle and you’ll know why it’s the Big Cheese. Strategize carefully as the holes are about as random as on a slice of Swiss. Obstacle: Tree Hugger It’s not the right time to let the sentimental, nature-loving side of you get in the way of that Savage finish line. But if you want to make it across this new obstacle, you’ll need to hug these wooden posts like Chuck Norris headlocks a tiger.

Obstacle: Hangarang The last thing you want to do is a hang a fang in Hangarang. Do your best to keep your balance on these swinging timbers or else you’re facing an unpleasant journey to the muddy waters below. Ropes hang from above to help you. Obstacle: Twin Peaks What goes up must come down.

That is, unless you’re tackling Twin Peaks. Propel yourself up the quarter pipe ramp, down the other side and up another. Lose it and you’re starting over from the first ramp. Obstacle: Mad Ladders You wanted something, stable? You better hold on tight because Mad Ladders will take you for a ride. They’ll have you bending, spinning, and contorting from one ladder to the next. Obstacle: Colossus Colossus is the prized jewel of Savage Race.

Standing 43 feet off the ground, this two-part obstacle combines an enormous quarter pipe ramp with a free fall water slide. The 16 foot high quarter pipe is sure to test your upper body strength. Obstacle: Pipe Dreams Maneuvering across these poles will really test your grip strength. There is more than one way to complete Pipe Dreams, so pick your style and go for it. Hang on tight, because the steel poles will be swaying back and forth the full 24 feet. Obstacle: Sawtooth Sawtooth is one of Savage Race’s signature obstacles.