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The opening titles are overlaid atop images of the train route from Budapest, Hungary, to Vienna, Austria. We believe that many of the landscape shots were taken between St. Dido and Aeneas Overture by Purcell plays in the background as the opening titles roll. The scene cuts to a young woman entering a train compartment, then to another coach car we see a number of passengers in their seats. The coach car is quiet as the first scene begins. Location notes: the train is en route from Budapest, Hungary, to Vienna, Austria, which is usually about a three-hour journey by rail. Also, the couple that argues in German is recognized to have Austrian accents.

We see a middle-aged couple sitting in the front of the coach car, on the left of the screen. Celine is sitting across the aisle from them, on the right of the screen, reading a book. Woman: Kannst Du sie bald auswendig? Can you tell me what is so interesting? Man: Es wird dich nicht interessieren, aber es steht etwas ueber dich in der Zeitung. 70,000 Frauen sind dem Alkohol verfallen.

It won’t interest you, but there’s something written about you in the newspaper. 70,000 women are addicted to alcohol. Woman: Das trifft mich ueberhaupt nicht. Wenn hier jemand dem Alkohol verfallen ist, dann bist es du. Schau dich doch mal in den Spiegel. Schaust Du Dich manchmal in den Spiegel?