Football training for children

FULL-TIME offers you an easy way football training for children manage your football leagues online. The FA seeks to build a safe, enjoyable and inclusive environment for all children and young people, whether they are players, young referees or qualified coaches. To help guide those working with children and young people, The FA provides courses in safeguarding children.

Sometimes these are required as part of a qualification e. Over 350,000 people have now attended our courses – that’s a lot of people who are more aware and helping to make football fun and safe. This course is for young people taking on positions of responsibility in football, raising their awareness of safeguarding and supporting them to report any concerns they have about their own or other young people’s welfare. Referees aged 14-16 complete this as part of their initial training and are given access by their course organiser. Youth council and youth forum members can gain access via the local County FA welfare officer.

The course cannot be accessed by anyone over the age of 16. This three-hour interactive workshop is suitable for anyone over 16 including managers, club officials, medics, parents, referees and those with roles in the professional game such as stewards and club mascots. It is a requirement for people taking on the club welfare officer role. The workshop helps learners to identify and build on best practice in football, recognise signs of abuse and identify behaviour that causes concern, identify the actions to take if concerned about a child and develop an action plan for change. It can also be booked by clubs so that groups of people can take or renew their training together.