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1961 by Jonathan Dwight, located in Melbourne, Florida. 12 are provided a college-preparatory education that emphasizes leadership, character, accountability, footlocker at parks mall trust. There are 200 students from 30 countries. Ernest Kouwen-Hoven built the main building in 1925 as his personal residence.

It is Mediterranean Revival architecture with Art Deco interior. He used the mansion as his home for only one year, before selling it in 1926 to A. Widrig, who named the property “The Lincoln Hotel. In 1961, educator Jonathan Dwight bought the building and founded the Florida Air Academy, patterning the school on the United States Air Force Academy.

Today the school continues to be family-run, for the past 25 years by the Dwight’s children. James Dwight has been the Academy President for the past 10 years. Another strong draw to Florida Air Academy was the unique opportunity for students to enroll in flight training at the Florida Institute of Technology, where they could earn their Private Pilot License and multi-engine ratings. Consequently, the school served as a springboard for future military and commercial airline pilots who went on to continue their careers at aeronautical universities and flight schools throughout the nation. In 2015, president James Dwight announced a change to the school name. In June 2015, the school became Florida Preparatory Academy, or Florida Prep for short.