Footlocker in deerbrook mall

Please footlocker in deerbrook mall this error screen to 174. Ford City Mall is a shopping center located on the Southwest Side of Chicago in the West Lawn neighborhood at 76th Street and Cicero Avenue. Opened in 1965, Ford City is the largest enclosed mall in Chicago outside of downtown. Construction started in 1942 to build a defense plant.

This caused the southwest side of the city to become more populated as more people were moving there for work. Testing of aircraft engines to be used for the B-29 bomber began. By the spring of 1943, 10 buildings, made of steel, concrete and wood, had been constructed. By December 1945, the plant was left vacant due to the end of World War II. The government attempted to sell it without success.

It was later retrofitted for automobile production for Tucker Corporation and then Ford Motor Company. The building remained a white elephant until the Korean War, when it was reopened to build airplane engines for the war effort, under contract from Ford Motor Company. The Ford company modernized everything inside the building, employing nearly 12,000 people. The building closed again in 1959. In 1961, the government sold it to Harry F Chaddick, who along with other investors planned to develop a shopping center.

Some buildings were torn down to make room for parking lots. The buildings that remained were remodeled to attract retail tenants. Developers divided the building into a separate portion for the mall. The mall opened in 1965 as Ford City.