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The East Side of Midtown Manhattan, showing the terraced crown of the Chrysler Building lit at twilight. Midtown Manhattan, or Midtown, represents the central lengthwise portion footlocker jamaica ave the borough and island of Manhattan in New York City. The majority of New York City’s skyscrapers, including its tallest hotels and apartment towers, lie within Midtown. The area hosts commuters and residents working in its offices, hotels, and retail establishments and is populated by many tourists, visiting residents, and students.

Madison Square and the Flatiron District, the area surround the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street. Midtown Manhattan can also apply to the area between 31st Street and 59th Streets, although there are still office buildings south of 31st Street. Midtown West” can refer to the area between 34th and 59th Streets, and between 5th and 12th Avenues. Midtown East” can refer to the area between 42nd and 59th Streets, and between 5th Avenue and the East River. Midtown Manhattan, along with Lower Manhattan, is one of the world’s leading financial centers. Midtown Manhattan is the country’s largest central business district. Haier held the opening ceremony on March 4, 2002.

Silicon Alley, the common metonym for the sphere encompassing the New York City metropolitan region’s high tech industries, is based in Midtown Manhattan, specifically the Flatiron District. 27 billion worth of tickets in the 2013-2014 season, an increase of 11. Biotechnology is emerging in Midtown Manhattan, bolstered by the city’s strength in academic scientific research and public and commercial financial support. Aer Lingus had its United States offices in Midtown.

The La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi Italian international school will move to West Midtown in 2016. In addition to its well-known Main Branch research library—now known as the Stephen A. Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Terminal are major railroad stations located in Midtown Manhattan. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is also in Midtown. The New York City Subway and MTA Regional Bus Operations each operate several routes that go through Midtown. Traffic congestion is common, especially for crosstown traffic. In 2011, a new system of traffic light control, known as “Midtown in Motion” was announced, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion.

Approximately 750,000 vehicles enter Midtown Manhattan on a fall business day. The United States Postal Service operates the James A. Farley Post Office, New York City’s main post office, in Midtown Manhattan. The post office stopped 24-hour service beginning on May 9, 2009 due to decreasing mail traffic. The New York City Fire Department operates 12 firehouses, organized into three battalions in Midtown Manhattan.