Frankie lymon and the teenagers

What does this frankie lymon and the teenagers mean to you? And lovers await the break of day?

Why do they fall in love? Why does the rain fall from up above? Why do fools fall in love? Tell me why, tell me why? Why does my heart skip a crazy beat? For I know it will reach defeat!

Song Discussions is protected by U. Can You Guess The Song By The Emojis? Note:  There were no UK record charts before 14 November 1952. First UK No 1 based on record sales. She was a singer with Tommy Dorsey until 1942, when she went on to solo stardom.

Born in Oklahoma, her father was an American Indian, her mother Irish. Her well-known song, “Wheel of Fortune”, pre-dates the UK chart. US tenor who was married to Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds, and is father of actress Carrie Fisher. Top international tv crooner of the decade, whose shows were watched world-wide. He was a US rising star, whose early best-sellers pre-dated the charts. First of a series of hits with producer Mitch Miller.

First No 1 by a British act. They were radio stars of the 50s who mostly scored with novelty items. UK star and NME readers’ Top Female artist of 1953. Major US singing star of the 50s.

He remained a star for many years, and continued with cabaret performances until the end of the century. First instrumental No 1, from the film of the same name. Most of his early hits were novelty items, but this was a bouncy love song. It failed to chart in US! During the last week of October 1953 he had four singles in the Top 12. Powerful tenor who was the top-selling British artist of the mid-50s. Was first No 1 recorded at Abbey Road studios.

They were still radio stars, but all their releases since “Broken Wings” had failed to chart. Major US recording and film star. Oscar-winning song from her film “Calamity Jane”. US super star and early teenage heart-throb famous for his emotional stage act.