Free education websites for kids

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Did this specific Top Picks list help you decide to do any of the following? You don’t always have to pay big bucks for great educational games, apps, and websites: Lots of outstanding free options are only a click away. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Parents get great brain-building tips for little kids. Practice core cognitive skills with fun, playful critters. Free fun in snowy wonderland with cognitive skills practice.

TV show clips in easy-to-navigate app for young kids. Preschoolers and parents explore science on- and offscreen. Adorable monster de-stresses kids with Sesame Street style. Specialized focus promotes fluency with small numbers. Charming stories, interactivity get preschoolers thinking. Free games, stories, songs vary in quality and target age. Dancing caterpillar gives young kids easy intro to coding.

Excellent tutorials on math, humanities, and more, for free. Multitool TV tie-in for capturing outdoor adventures. Cutesy coding intro just barely scratches the surface. New readers practice fluency with simple exercises. Basic addition practice in a busy AR world. Fantasy game helps kids become math wizards. Cool tech supports independent readers, still has glitches.

Financial-literacy endless runner is fun and free, not deep. Kids name emotions and go on great, mindful missions. Nifty tool for gathering data on favorite devices. Same great easy animated story creator, new 3D graphics. Information-packed tool delivers videos, photos, and more. Expressive coder is cute but lacks tutorials, support.

Clever and challenging addition and multiplication practice. Varied brain training games challenge, adapt, overwhelm. Play, create, and share interactive games and lessons. Engaging spelling app is a teacher’s dream. Get inspired with curated videos and creative challenges.