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The series is distributed as Jump Ahead in the United Kingdom. That year, Jumpstart was advertised as offering the first browser game with “high quality 3D graphics and advanced gameplay”. The purpose of the games is to drill young players in specific skills they need to master as part of their school curriculum. The drills are hidden inside fun and playful games that mask the learning.

The storylines are kept shallow to keep the player focused on gameplay. Fanfare Software did virtually paperless artwork by using a mouse and tablet to draw the animation for their first games. Vivendi Universal Games artist Marcela Cabrera did the illustrations for the games around 1998 and directed the art for the games developed the following year. Three different categories of products were created to cater for various audiences.

The first category was the grade-based products, which covered all topics taught in a class curriculum. In 1995, Jumpstart claimed to be the first series of software products to cover the entire curriculum of particular grade levels, by reinforcing lessons learnt in classrooms nationwide and using animated characters as guides for the activities. 35 million in sales in 1994 by selling titles such as Jumpstart Kindergarten’ and Bug Adventures. As of 2017, the series won over 300 awards. KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE ACQUIRES FANFARE SOFTWARE – Free Online Library”. Microsoft Sets its Sights on the Educational Software Market. Over 100 New Products to be Announced by CUC Software at E3″.

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