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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1921862087. This website was created to offer teachers, educators and homeschooling parents free high quality online activities for their kids and students – whether games, tutorials, lessons, tests, or just fun interactives. A quick question – do you still type with your index fingers? Might you be interested in some typing practice? These activities aim to enhance the child’s vocabulary as well as spelling skills. You can also learn and self practice all the basics of Excel – you can find a full video course, along with textual examples and illustrations.

The level is suited for the very beginners – and goes gradually up to experienced Excel users. The learning resources on this website are usually used by teachers to complement the materials taught in class, and by homeschool parents wishing to engage their kids with online educational interactive activities and games. I hope that you have a pleasant learning experience, and I hope that I succeed just in a tiny bit to bring my vision of “Free Education for All” into reality. Base ten blocks are not neglected either. There are tests to help you revise your schoolwork, or games offering a fun experience that can help you to learn.

Whether you’re helping a bear catch base-ten-blocks as they float down a river, or working out how to place the right amount of weights to balance a set of scales against funny jungle animals, there’s plenty to suit you here! Rounding Games Rounding up or rounding down, these games will show who’s the sharpest in town! The rounding principals are quite simple: When rounding to ten, a number of five or above will round upwards to the next ten, while a number of four or below will round down. For hundreds, a number of 50 or above rounds upwards, otherwise you round down. Once you reach that crucial halfway point, you round up.

Then take on those spaceships and sharks and show what you can do! Comparing Numbers Games Can you compare two numbers to work out which is the larger amount of pocket money? If you get the right answer, then it’s more sweets for you! You will also find drills to refresh your classroom skills and exercises that can make learning fun. Give them a go, and show your math skills to be the greatest!

There are also classroom-style drills, where you place numbers in the right order along a number track or arrange number cards in the right order. Mastering the ability to place numbers in order is a building block that will help you as you develop your math skills, so let these games help you become an expert! Telling Time Games Learn how to tell the time and you will have a skill that you will use every day for the rest of your life! The more complex games ask you to work out what the time will be in a certain number of hours or minutes too, testing your ability to add or subtract time. 1,2,3 and so on, but you can also count in steps of more than one. There are worksheet-style exercises and games where a timer ticks down to add an extra edge to the challenge! Ideal for introducing first and second grade kids to addition, these interactive puzzles and drills are an ideal way to get learning off to a great start.

There are more than 15 different exercises available, from fun games such as Snowball Fight to classroom-style exercises such as the card matching of Matching Multiplication. Some of the activities allow you to specify the numbers you are working with, which is an ideal way to practice your knowledge of times tables. Others are up against the clock, so test how quickly you can reach the right answer. So test your skills and learn more about multiplication as you do! This helps to reinforce the link between multiplication and division.