French children don”t spit epub

Please forward this error screen to 109. May 2nd will mark the 14th-anniversary, and final, french children don’t spit epub of Bookslut.

Join us in celebrating the glorious life of our beloved slut with cocktails and stimulating conversation on May 6th, 7 pm at Melville House. We will be serving up Deaths in the Afternoon, aka the Hemingway, for your refreshment, but please feel free to bring supplemental libations, potato chip offerings for Jessa, etc. The explosion of tempered glass excites a particular blend of fear and fascination, the break propagating at many times the speed of sound, splitting into progressively smaller pieces that jingle and pop and leap at your legs, frozen in mid-step, long after the first boom has ceased to roar down your auditory nerve. I was, but this was the future out of all possible futures that had stuck.

German into English by Susan Bernofsky, as a birthday present to myself because I still know how to have a good time. The End of Days is a novel of tremendous energy that splinters off into sub-stories and sub-stories of sub-stories, and a gorgeous and terrifying meditation on history, politics, ontology, and time. It won both the 2014 Hans Fallada Prize, and the final International Foreign Fiction Prize in 2015, before the IFFP merged with the Man Booker International Prize into the megaprize it is today. Books seem to have a way of showing up when we need them most. I finished The End of Days.

A day on which a life comes to an end is still far from being the end of days. I could pause here for a moment, doing my very small part for the books that I love, and I hope that you all splinter off from here to very splendid things. Check out the first profile from Rioux’s “Bluestocking Bulletin,” Catharine Maria Sedgwick, which includes this alarmist-sexist but also, in my experience, completely accurate image of the writing life with small children in the home. Then subscribe to “Bluestocking Bulletin” here. In the meantime, while we’re busily making this 14th-anniversary issue perfect for you, you can read David Holmberg’s review of Miss Grief and Other Stories, a collection of stories by Constance Fenimore Woolson, edited by Rioux and published in February by W. Norton, and purchase a copy of your own.

In May, we’ll be celebrating our 14th anniversary here at Bookslut. I really have been running this site my entire adult life. Which is why it’s a little scary to say: the May issue will be our last issue. I’ve decided to cease publication of Bookslut. It means a tremendous amount to me.