Fun day ideas for preschoolers

It seems like your preschooler is fun day ideas for preschoolers a perpetual state of discovery and motion. Embrace this amazing stage with holiday gifts as unique as she is.

Your go-to roll of butcher paper just got a totally modern upgrade thanks to Playpa. This 26-foot roll of paper comes with a pre-created scene just waiting for busy little minds to fill in the blanks. If you’ve got a couple of extra Smartphones stashed away, you’re not alone. What do argyle socks, helicopters, s’mores, tacos and eye patches have in common? And, they’re all part an adorable new matching game from Wee Society. This classic game with a brightly-colored modern twist comes with 20 brightly-colored matching cards, plus a blank set for kids to illustrate.

Imagine your dino-loving kid’s surprise when she unzips this sturdy green backpack to reveal a prehistoric play scene. The backpack comes with eight plastic models, habitat accessories like dino eggs and greenery, and there’s plenty of room in the zippered compartment for other stuff like blankets, books, and lunchboxes. Meet Parker—he’s not feeling too well! It’s up to your budding doctor to find out what’s wrong and prescribe a cure: Kids can examine Parker’s bones, cure a tummy bug, take a temp, and much more. And, because Parker’s Happiness Factor goes up and changes the more your preschooler plays and interacts with him, the play time potential is endless. Straight from the Wild Wheels episodes, the Stunt Speedway is one of this season’s hottest toys! Join Blaze, everyone’s favorite monster truck for STEM adventures like no other: burst through swinging doors, zoom down the vertical chute of Roaring Falls, jump a ramp and more!

This set can connect up with other Blaze playsets, and includes an exclusive Lion Blaze die-cast truck. Your family karaoke night just got a lot more awesome. This Bluetooth wireless microphone has a light-up body, lasts for up to four hours per charge, and means you and your performing tots can kiss clunky stands and dance move-limiting cords goodbye. Afternoon painting sessions about to get a lot more appealing for parents.

The kit comes with 18 sheets of color wonder paper and six color wonder containers. Your pre-k kid has plenty of opinions, so help him a real statement. We love these subtle-but-bold t-shirts from Love Bubby. The tri-blend fabric is soft, the shirt is made in the U. Choose from Little Activist, Little Feminist, Future Royalty and more. This is the perfect age to introduce LEGO to your future master builder. We love the Juniors line because the sets are easy to build, and all the included pieces are compatible with other LEGO blocks.

Your preschooler can use this new release like a regular kick scooter to get around but when he wants to take things up a notch, he can release a lever that elevates the back of the kickboard. The next thing you know he’s balancing and making a back-and-forth motion with his feet—and moving him forward! The entire thing folds down for space-saving storage too. Tinkertoy has been keeping busy hands occupied since you were a kid, and now your My Little Pony fan can build her own little piece of Equestria with these fun new sets. There are several others to choose from, and this Apple Pickin’ Time comes with 11 parts pieces including spools, rods, apple cart, and apples.

Get your little one flying with a beginner drone. The one-touch remote allows for easy takeoff, turning, and landing, while the auto-hover tech keeps the drone steady for midair flight. There’s an emergency shut-off which minimizes crash landings, LED lights and sounds for extra fun, and remote for easy charging. It’s made of silicon, too, which means it’s heavy and sticks to any surface, is dishwasher safe, won’t break down like plastic and can be easily cleaned with a few swipes.