Fun learning games for girls

Please forward this error screen to 176. Currently 84 fun kids games, use on a PC, Mac or any IWB. We have decided to add some kids games that are just for fun, rather than purely for their educational value. Test your skills with these racing, math, puzzle, action, board, multi level, fun learning games for girls, strategy, shooting, odd one out, tic tac toe, maze, hangman, and memory games for boys and girls.

As the fun games page is now one of our most popular pages we are extending it further. At the same time we have changed the way the games open. Don’t forget to use the Fun Games menu to explore all the games. Some of the games will be written by us, some from other developers, which means we can offer a wider choice. Here are the latest 10 games we’ve added.

Your fruit diny then will pick up the fruit. In each level you need to collect an amount of each fruit to continue. The colourful rainbow is under Gray Order’s attack. There are some evil monsters which will disturb you.

Save the beautiful rainbow and shoot all the devils down. It may seem mindless at first, but, if you want to clear the screen or get to harder levels, you’re going to have to do some planning and thinking ahead! Get enough points in each level to progress. Your objective is to perform the stunts and complete the assigned task to finish the level. You have limited lives to survive stunts.

Select your mode of difficulty before your start your race. Finish three laps in each track and five amazing tracks to win the championship. Use the magnifier to investigate the scene thoroughly. Take your time, some letters are very well hidden! Extra Super Mario Games We have now developed a sub site with your favoutie character games.