Fun learning websites for kindergarteners

Fun learning websites for kindergarteners forward this error screen to 72. M eyes and shoelace Licorice whiskers.

Make scrambled eggs, with cubed ham, but add some green food coloring before cooking the eggs. Make a chart showing who likes them and who doesn’t. Cat In The Hat – Hats added 1-24-00 Original Author Unknown Can be with paper plate rims and the hat made from easel paper and glued-on red stripes. The children had alot of fun each day finding their feet. They also had fun seeing who had blue, green, and etc feet.

Search through magazine and cut out pictures of  “mother’s and children” they could be human or they could be animals. You could also make a matching game with different mothers and children. Have lots of animal “parts” for the children to choose from and construct many different kinds of silly animals. You could even give them a name! Make hats out of film canisters, colored tape and felt circles. Put the colored tape around the film canisters for the stripes.