Fun sunday school lessons for kids

Couple that with our deep rooted passion to bring God’s Word to kids in fun, easy-to-learn ways, based on a strong foundation in the Bible that gives kids godly values they can carry with them throughout their lives. Simple lesson plans at each age level make preparation easy for teachers. Every teacher guide, preschool through preteen, includes an fun sunday school lessons for kids with clear steps on how to lead a child to Christ.

CD-ROM included inside each teacher guide. Worship song CD’s for all age levels are reproducible to share with families. Bible Lessons for Kids Quality interactive Bible lessons for kids are more important now than ever! We need to capture their attention and bring them back wanting more of God’s Word! Of course the most important and life changing children’s Bible lesson we can teach is how they can come to know Christ as their personal Savior – the message of the Gospel!

One creative way to talk about salvation to children is using an object lesson with seeds or money. There are all types of Bible lessons for kids that range in both topic and style. If you’re in a hurry, you may want to jump to our topical index of children’s Bible lessons. Bible characters come alive in the Bible lessons for kids taken from both the Old Testament and New Testament. If you’re looking for a specific Bible story or character, this is a great place to start! Many of us may be working on a “shoe-string” budget, and both Sunday School and home-school material can be expensive!