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Take a gander and have a laugh on us! We are always trying to find the most ridiculous and odd items on the web, because let’s be honest, that is what makes shit funny. Inspire yourself and your curiosity for the different and unique. To me, the only major and glaring design issue behind the AR-15 and similar two-receiver designs is the interface between the two receivers. By using only two pins and having variable tolerance between them for mass-manufacturing inevitably leads to excessive slop. This works, but it does have its own set of issues and in extreme cases after wear, the weapon malfunctions as the alignment of the carrier to buffer is off.

In to provide a more neutral positioning solution is JP Enterprises. Basically, they are standard pins controlled to a tightly ground OD offered in various sizes to allow one to fit the pin to their gun. Standard, under, and over, which are . Knowing the fitment will be tighter, a recess is added to make it easy to get the pin out with a punch or bullet tip. All are polished and QPQ Nitride finished. They can be purchased directly through JP Enterprises of JP’s dealer network.

Nathan S One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization. So what do you do when your upper has a slightly smaller hole than the lower? This seems to operate on the assumption that both upper and lower have the same size hole, and that it’s the pin that’s the issue. Don’t know what’s up with my post? Drink a shot of bourbon and spank your keyboard firmly once.

Drank bourbon, chucked phone across room. I don’t think these are made under that assumption. In a MIL-SPEC receiver set the pin holes are a minimum of . Good luck finding the quick pin anywhere.

Assuming hat both are not from the same manufacturer. Take your weapon to a competent gunsmith to drill out the small holes. So get special pins, AND take it to a gunsmith to drill it out even more to make the holes match exactly? I can live with an accu-wedge. I certainly haven’t had much luck with the Aero Precision set screw in the lower method. For starters, you have to take the pistol grip off to adjust it which is annoying but then once you do, either it’s so tight that it’s really hard to get the pin to even move, or it’s so loose that it doesn’t make contact. Even if you do manage to get it to the sweet spot, it either walks its way out or wears down and you have to start all over.

Alternatively, it would be nice to see a set of pistol like rails machined in to the upper and lower, so they slide apart like you’d disassemble your 9mm semi-auto. Most of the high end AR manufactures have been using that tensioning screw for years, way before Sig even thought about making an AR style rifle. They also have added a tensioning screw in the lower that enables you to tighten up the stock trigger. It’s a spring loaded detent, similar to the one found near the buffer tube. I kind of assumed that was how they worked until I got my first AR. Barrel, sights, optic, and upper receiver. I completely get where you are coming from, but when I see things designed to reduce wear- I think of our brothers and sisters behind the lines in California, Maryland, CT.

50 lower to replace the old one like most of us can. For how long, and are you sure? My father didn’t realize the ammunition background check passed because in Cali so much gets buried. Californians can absolutely buy AR15 lower receivers and due to legal precedent, they cannot ban the sale of them in the future. They already did, and got knocked down by the court. They can pass whatever weird bans on features they want, but they cannot ban the sale of the receivers. They are currently on sale in close-to every gun shop in CA.