Funny spongebob memes

I Have Nothing Against United Airlines But This Is Funny spongebob memes As Hell. Krabs, Sandy Cheeks, Plankton, and Patrick Star.

If all that isn’t enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. 2014 Defy Media, LLC, All rights reserved. If someone texted you and were convinced that they had the right number and that the person they are texting is messing with them what would you do? Have an idea or a criticism? When someone snapped this screen shot of Meryl Streep at the 2015 SAG Awards, meme creators did their thing and came up with this bad boy of a meme.

Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish chef, has risen to fame with his oh so decadent methods of cutting and salting meat. When someone discovered that you could use different song titles in your Spotify playlist to create full on sentences, the Spotify Playlist meme was born. It’s a new twist and semi-clever fad, which is always welcome in the world of memes. Sometimes, memes make absolutely no sense and depending on your sense of humour, that’s what makes them funny. Take this bad boy for example. It’s literally a painting of two pigs. Phil had Danielle Bregoli on his show, he accidentally propelled the 13-year-old into fame.

Here’s to hoping that of all memes, this one fades away soon. DJ Khaled is essentially a walking talking meme himself, so when his son, Asahd was born, it was only natural that he got turned into one as well. There’s just something about the internet and posting captions on babies. When VICE released an article a few years back that showcased the effects of certain substances on your eyes, they planted a seed. Take an area of the world, showcase a few of their well-known inhabitants, give them funny names, and you’ve got a meme. When Helen Lasichanh showed up to the Met Gala in this brutal outfit, the internet did what the internet does, and roasted her.

Meme after meme started making wave across the internet comparing her outfit to a plethora of funny characters and objects. All it took was a photo of Queen B pointing at a menu to blow up into an internet craze. In a sense, it’s the perfect meme, because you can literally throw in any caption and apply it to the situation. The idea was to showcase all the creative ways you’re leading people on to think you’re living a glamorous lifestyle. When this picture of a duck that looks like it’s up to no good started making waves across the interwebs, it didn’t take all that long for people to start slapping on relatable captions over it.

Cracking open a cold one with the boys’ has been uttered across every Canadian small town for decades, but as is the case with memes, it took one photo to go viral for things to blow up. Now, the creative and funny ways people showcase their takes on the meme are kinda funny. Upon releasing the photo of herself pregnant with twins, it took no time at all for memes to crop up all over the place. It just goes to show that the internet will make a meme out of literally anything. Just give it some context and you’re golden. Hollyweed,’ people decided to start making their own alterations of the sign. The Chamber of Secrets has been opened’ has cropped up over the virtual Hollywood Hills.

We’ve done a post on this spicy meme before. Mocking Spongebob essentially takes no effort at all to do. Kayode Ewumi is the man behind this meme, which may be just as, if not more popular than Salt Bae. After making a little quip on T.