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Then choose the option to add this bookmark to your home screen. Art Moore, co-author of the best-selling book “See Something, Say Nothing,” entered the media world as a PR assistant for the Seattle Mariners and a correspondent covering pro and college sports for Associated Press Radio. For the past two decades, Robert Spencer has been explaining through bestselling books, articles and speeches that jihadist groups such as al-Qaida and ISIS cite the texts of the Quran and the Hadiths as their authority for carrying out acts of violence and the objective of establishing Islamic supremacy worldwide. It’s an assertion supported by overwhelming evidence, yet Spencer has always been willing to engage with any challengers. Apparently, however, that’s too much for officials and students at one of America’s most prestigious academic institutions, Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

An invitation to speak on campus next Tuesday by the local chapter of the College Republicans is causing an uproar, with official condemnation from the student body association and the graduate council, a petition to rescind funding for the visit, and numerous condemning opinion pieces by officials and students. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades. It’s available now at the WND Superstore. Fatima Ledha told the local NBC affiliate, KNTV. Spencer, pointing out that KNTV ran of photo of white supremacist Richard Spencer with its story instead of one of the photos he had provided them, told the station he wasn’t surprise by the reaction. Across San Francisco Bay at the University of California at Berkeley, violent demonstrations erupted in February after College Republicans invited libertarian activist Milo Yiannopoulos to speak.

Explaining in a piece for the independent campus publication Stanford Review why they invited Spencer, the College Republicans noted that in addition to authoring 16 books, including two New York Times bestsellers, he has led training seminars for the FBI, the U. Army and the Justice Department’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council. Islamic texts play in providing the ideological underpinning and inspiration for radical Islamic terrorism. How can a perspective be unworthy of at least due consideration, if it is a sentiment held by a majority of the American public? Moreover, why should we dismiss an opinion outright, if that opinion is held by many of the highest government officials making national security decisions on behalf of our country?

Muslims, contradicting our university’s values of inclusion and respect for all peoples and faiths. We acknowledge the emotional impact of Mr. Muslims than anything I have ever said or written. Muslims, and particular Muslims in the Stanford community, are in favor of jihad terrorism — for otherwise there is no way they would feel hated or disparaged because of my work. I laughed it off and told them that things had changed — being Muslim on campus was not such a big deal anymore.

I told them there was no need to be afraid. Jihad and Radical Islam,’ I was afraid. I didn’t know what this meant for me, a Pakistani Muslim girl who covers her head. Funny, I don’t recall Malala Yousafzai advocating for violence and world domination. In reality, Malala may or may not be following all the doctrines of Islam, but the question of whether Islam has a doctrine, theology and legal system that mandates violence against unbelievers can only be answered by looking at Islamic doctrine, theology, and law, not at Malala. Note: Read our discussion guidelines before commenting. My boyfriend has a busy day at work.

What are some sweet texts I can send him? Hi, my boyfriend is very busy in his work, I do understand his job is very hectic but sometimes we don’t talk for 2 to 3 days. Missing him a lot but due to ego I don’t message him or call him much. What should I say to my boyfriend had an accident and I want to send him my best wishes by I am not good at texting? What can you text to your boyfriend to brighten his day and get him to think about you? Should I expect my boyfriend to text me Goodnight when out with friends? I have a boyfriend who was sweet with me before but now he’s changed.

I miss the guy I used to know. How can I talk to him? What kinds of messages I can send him and when is the appropriate time? What if my boyfriend will not say “I love you”? I am maintaining grades and my boyfriend too. Is it OK to send a text when a guy needs space?

Hi, I met a doctor in an official meeting, after few days we again met in an official meeting after which we started chatting. He called me yesterday and before hanging up he specially mentioned how happy he is after hearing from me. Does this show that he likes me? How can I tell him that I love him? Tips to chat interest stuff with my guy and make him come near to me? How can I make him happy? How do I define the relationship without being a pest?