Game drawing for children

You can change the location game drawing for children any time. Scott Jongekrijg, a special education teacher in Traverse City, shows how autistic kids could benefit from a game he developed called, Autism Unlocked.

A Grand Rapids native may have found the key to unlocking that conversation barrier for autistic children with a new online game called, Autism Unlocked. The animated game gains children’s confidence and the skills needed to form a basic conversation, such as saying hello when someone says hi or telling someone their name when asked. Scott Jongekrijg, developer of Autism Unlocked and a special education teacher in Traverse City. This game is a conversation- stimulator that helps them with various levels of communication skills. Jongekrijg, who grew up in Grand Rapids, has been teaching autistic children for the past eight years.

He said it is often difficult to find games that benefit children with varying degrees of autism. Autism Unlocked has 24 levels that teachers and parents can individualize for each user. The teacher or the parent can arrange the entire game to what the child’s needs are. Jongekrijg said of the game’s more advanced levels. In the site’s animated Talk to Learn game, users will learn basic conversation skills as they progress through 24 levels. The user will then respond by typing answers to the character’s questions.

If the user responds correctly, celebratory music sounds, confetti is thrown and other animated excitement is displayed. If the user does not respond correctly, then he or she will be prompted to answer the question until a correct response is given. Disney characters, watch and listen to music or create art on drawing pads. Mainstream media is not a product that’s going to go away. This is something that gets kids engaged in learning and allows them to have fun as well.