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Let us know what you think, and go ahead, whack a mole! All of the original concept art and sketches for Dizzywood was produced by the extremely talented Jake Parker. That included all of the initial character sketches for Presto, Chanjo, Olivia Kickflip, and more. Presto’s Grove, Tanglevine Jungle and the Skylands, you were enjoying Jake’s work. Did you know that there was an unreleased map of Dizzywood that showed far more about the known worlds than was ever revealed in the game? The official in-game map was really quite small by comparison, encompassing only a handful of areas that were accessible, like Presto’s Grove, Presto’s Edge, Tanglevine Jungle and Canal City. Do you know the history of Dizzywood?

Long before human Dizzywood explorers first arrived from Earth, the world had its own native inhabitants, called Ancients, Sprites and Bogies. Read on to learn more about this amazing world’s history. Critters were a lot like pets in the game and would follow your character wherever you travelled throughout the world. What many people don’t know is that there were several different kinds of critters, each with their own story. Crystal Critters The first critters discovered in Dizzywood were Crystal Critters. These lovable little guys were discovered deep in the Elder Vein mines. Easter is upon us and greetings from Dizzywood!

Easter was always a fun holiday on Dizzywood, and it was highlighted by the Bjorn Brothers Easter Egg Hunt. Dizzywood, and it was up to Dizzywood explorers everywhere to try and find them. Some of the eggs were very easy to spot, but others required a lot more searching. Does anyone out there remember the name of Edward, Einar and Elof’s mother? One of the most popular things to do in Dizzywood was to try on all the different fashion and clothing items in the game. Many items were rare and only rewarded as quest items.

One of the earliest fashion features was the Dizzywood Fashion Cam, which let you take a snapshot of your style and save the image to your computer for sharing with friends. Did you know that there’s an entire album of the original concept art for Dizzywood on Flickr? Yes, all of the initial sketches for the design of the world were produced by the incredibly talented artist, Jake Parker. Jake went on to do some amazing things in illustration and animation, including work on the well-known animated movies Ice Age 3 and Rio. Actually, we’re kind of thrilled that he still features all his Dizzywood work on his portfolio page. Dizzywood was made up of several different areas to explore and over the years, many were added.

Some, such as Presto’s Grove and Presto’s Edge, were even changed radically during the course of the game. When you were walking through Dizzywood, however, you were usually limited to a small area in your field of view, and could never see the entire area on screen. Sometime in 2008, we produced panoramic views of some of the more popular areas in Dizzywood. Take a look at the images below. It’s wonderful to know that even though the original Dizzywood game has been shut down for several years, so many people keep returning to this web site each day to check in and see if there’s any news about the game. It’s amazing to think that the first planning for Dizzywood began just over eight years ago!

Patrick’s Day was always a very festive holiday in Dizzywood. The reclusive leprechaun would visit Dizzywood, carrying a pot o’ gold that would give out gold to anyone who could find it. The mischievous leprechaun was also known to use the special rainbow emote power to celebrate the holiday in style. What are your favorite memories of St. Play a horse game with thousands of people from all over the world. For more fun, watch the Horseland cartoon on Cookie Jar TV, weekends on CBS television.