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Middangeard occurs six times in Beowulf, which Tolkien translated and on which he was arguably the world’s foremost authority. Middle-earth” was consciously used by Tolkien to place The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and related writings. Tolkien first used the term “Middle-earth” in the early 1930’s in place of the earlier terms “Great Lands”, “Outer Lands”, and “Hither Lands” to describe the same region in his stories. Tolkien stated that the geography of Middle-earth was intended to align with that of our real Earth in several particulars. Tolkien wrote extensively about the linguistics, mythology and history of the world, which provide back-story for these stories. Notable among them is The Silmarillion, which provides a creation story and description of the cosmology which includes Middle-earth.

The Silmarillion is the primary source of information about Valinor, Númenor, and other lands. In the beginning, Ilúvatar created spirits named the Ainur and he taught them to make music. After the Ainur had become proficient in their skills, Ilúvatar commanded them to make a great music based on a theme of his own design. Then Ilúvatar stopped the music and he revealed its meaning to the Ainur through a Vision. Moved by the Vision, many of the Ainur felt a compelling urge to experience its events directly. Ilúvatar therefore created Eä, the universe itself, and some of the Ainur went down into the universe to share in its experience. But upon arriving in Eä, the Ainur found it was shapeless because they had entered at the beginning of Time.

Arda began as a single flat world, which the Valar gave light to through two immense lamps. Melkor destroyed the lamps and brought darkness to the world. The Valar retreated to the extreme western regions of Arda, where they created the Two Trees to give light to their new homeland. After many ages, the Valar imprisoned Melkor to punish and rehabilitate him, and to protect the awakening Children. But when Melkor was released he poisoned the Two Trees. Before the end of the Second Age, when the Men of Númenor rebelled against the Valar, Ilúvatar destroyed Númenor, separated Valinor from the rest of Arda, and formed new lands, making the world round.

Only Endor remained of the original world, and Endor had now become Eurasia. Tolkien never finalized the geography for the entire world associated with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien for the world encompassing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were published as foldouts or illustrations in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. Endor, the Quenya term for Middle-earth, was originally conceived of as conforming to a largely symmetrical scheme which was marred by Melkor.