Games to teach english in the classroom

Classroom math games make your job a lot easier and your students will really appreciate them too! You’ll games to teach english in the classroom games and activities for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. Just scroll down page to find the level you need.

Need a math game for certain math skill? Grab your dice, print the math gameboard and off you go! Fun way to practice subtraction facts. Print checkerboard and off you go!

How many youngsters do you know who would not welcome a game with dice, an egg carton, and jelly beans? They will love practicing their addition facts while they try to be the first player to fill their egg carton with jelly beans! All you need is to do is print off the game cards and you’re ready to play. Be the first player to correctly complete the game card.

Multiplication facts game up to 12 x 12. Two sets of dice, print the game cards, and you’re Ready to Roll! See who can be first to flip over all of their cards! This is a fun math game good for classroom that helps kids improve Multiplication of 2 and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Your students are going to love adding and subtracting fractions with the new Fraction Fiasco printable fraction board game!