Gardens childhood Association of teachers of preschool education

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Professor of Applied Behavioral Science, Senior Scientist in the Schiefelbusch Institute of Life Span Studies and Director of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project at the University of Kansas. He is also co-director of the bio-behavioral measurement core in the Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center. Director of Early Development and Learning Resources for the Delaware Department of Education in Dover, Delaware. Section 619 coordinator for the Delaware Department of Education. Using IGDIs: Monitoring Progress and Improving Intervention for Infants and Young Children. Early childhood intervention: Shaping the future for children with special needs and their families, Vol. Developing Socially Competent and Emotionally Resilient Young Children Through an Early Childhood RtI Framework, by Robin Miller Young, Lisa M.

Response to Intervention in Secondary Schools: Is It on Your Radar Screen? Roadmap to Pre-K RTI: Applying Response to Intervention in Preschool Settings, by Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph. Webinar: Roadmap to Pre-K RTI: Applying RTI to Preschool Settings featuring Mary Ruth Coleman, Ph. Early childhood curriculum, assessment, and program evaluation: Building an effective, accountable system in programs for children birth through age 8. Measuring Response to Early Literacy Intervention With Preschoolers at Risk.

What professional development opportunities are available within your area that could be used for similar training for all staff? What is your philosophy or vision for Pre-K RTI and how does this fit with existing philosophies for early childhood, school-aged RTI approaches, and special education services? Do you have a school-based leadership team in place already? If so, could it carry out the responsibilities discussed here for RTI implementation?