German children on the beach

Please forward this error screen to 107. The german children on the beach of German neo-Nazis could soon be removed from their families and taken into care – in a bid to beat a rise in the glorification of Hitler and the Third Reich.

German authorities are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of summer camps and special schools brainwashing youngsters into worshipping a movement that killed six million Jews in the Holocaust. A recent raid on one camp turned up jigsaw puzzles showing Germany’s pre-World War 2 borders and colouring books where children were encouraged to crayon in the moustache of Hitler. It has led to calls for the government to look at ways to take the children of the worst neo-Nazi families into care. Child welfare expert G√ľnther Hoffmann said: ‘If ideological influence reaches such proportions that it can threaten children’s well-being, state or civic bodies are obliged to look into the situation. If we don’t, we are going to incur massive problems in the future. The children, who are sent to the camps by their neo-Nazi parents, are taught that democracy is for ‘weaklings’.

They are also told that only a ‘people’s community’, as preached by the Nazis, can save the country under a new Fuehrer – one who has yet to be found. The children who attend these summer camps get to do all the normal things youngsters do – swim, horse ride, canoe, trek and sleep outdoors. But they also travel back in time to worship a movement that also brought about the greatest war in history. Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine obtained a copy of an email for a neo-Nazi retreat at Ahrensfelde outside Berlin where youngsters were offered horse riding and divided into groups according to their ‘world view’ – a favourite phrase of the Nazis.