German children play

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A rare toy figure of Adolf Hitler made for German children to play with has been revealed by the son of a World War Two soldier for the first time. The figure of the vicious dictator was part of a collection of toys U. S Private Jerome Beaulier bought at a toy shop in Germany at the end of the war in exchange for cigarettes and chocolate bars. He posted them back to his five-year-old son Jerry, who received them in 1945 and has kept hold of them ever since. The four-inch tall Hitler figure is seated in the front passenger seat of a German army jeep alongside three soldiers. Other toys included in the set are an anti-aircraft gun, several field guns, another truck with a huge search light attached and a First World War German biplane. The original collection included six figures of Hitler but only one remains today as Pvt Beaulier destroyed the other five by taking pot-shots at them with an air-rifle.

His son, Lieutenant Commander Jerry Beaulier, 72, from St Andrews, Scotland, took them along to the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow when the programme visited his home town. Dad was a half-track driver in the war and had parked up in a town on the German-Austria border when he found the toy shop. He sent them back to me in 1945 and I have had them since then. I remember playing with them as a child and I got a great deal of pleasure out of them. There were half-a-dozen Adolf Hitler figures to begin with.